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Also known as “Content Management System” is how you manage your web site centrally. Publishing, editing and modifying contents while collaborating are some of the promising features of a Content Management System.

Web Design

Broadly a term associated with drafting and designing a website in to a visual medium of interaction. Skills and discipline cover interaction design, interface design, graphics, typography, usability and accessibility.


Acronym of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP technology bundles. LAMP stack offers competitive edge to every development aspect from IDE to debuggers and test environment to deployment with version control.

Web Development

Is the work of transforming a website or web design into its interactive form. It includes slicing, markup and coding in W3C realm. It can range from a simple static website to the most complex web-based or intranet applications.

Welcome to Raven Developers - GLOBAL Interactive Studio

We at Raven Developers analyze, plan, build and manage your distinct requisites and concepts into turnkey product and services; crafting them into your unique business identity. From our nomadic but humble beginning's we have thrived on providing creative and quality solutions, whether it's web design & development, UX/UI design, content management system, e-commerce solution, customized web application or responsive web development. With over 150 discrete projects completed successfully, we indeed pride ourselves in the journey that started as newbie’s. Enough about us its what we do that interests you, well read on.

The World Wide Web (aka WWW) to put it in a nutshell, is the brainchild of some highly spirited, brilliant, non-commercial and open-minded enthusiasts from all around the world. Being a part of it is a “privilege” in itself, and we for one wouldn’t want to change anything about it. Over the years World Wide Web matured and got more engaging as it opened new avenues for sharing and collaborating ideas which led to the “Open source” movement. It dynamically shaped how business models were perceived and we unwaveringly believe and support Open source model, as such our services are also Open source oriented. We provide out-of-the-box Open source services and customized solutions over Open source. We work on:

  • LAMP


    Acronym of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP technology bundle. LAMP offers competitive edge to every development aspect from IDE to debuggers and test environment to deployment.

  • Drupal


    Conceived as a message board when it was initiated in 1996 by Dries Buytaert. Community interests and collaboration influenced it into open source CMS.

  • Wordpress


    Initiated in the year 2003 this open source project brought enhanced typography and blogging platform that empowers millions of sites worldwide.

  • Prestashop


    This e-commerce project began with two passionate web addicts Bruno and Igor. It hit the open source scene in May 2007, and now offers complete e-commerce solution to start your webstore.

  • Ruby On Rails

    Ruby on Rails

    Pronounced as RoR, revived MVC programming pattern that was formulated in “Smalltalk” successor of Lisp, Simula and Logo. David Heinemeier Hansson the creator made it open source in 2005.

  • CakePHP


    A Nevada based foundation formed in 2005 to encourage MVC application development. CakePHP offers MVC framework to develop efficient web applications.

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  • Very polite and easy people to work with :)

    Mr. Stephen Wensley - (Calgary, Canada)
  • Another excellent job! Will keep working with the Raven team.

    Daniel Garcia - Vita Graphics (Miami, USA)
  • Great work, I am really impressed with the quality of work, your guidance and the professionalism that you display. Thankyou

    Roberto Guinta - Ethico Pty Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)
  • Great job, love your work, exceeded my expecations once again.

    Roberto Guinta - Ethico Pty Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)

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