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CakePHP 3.x MVC Custom Authentication and Authorization

As the author of B and co-inventor of C programming languages, a hacker by reputation and one the leading pioneers of computer science Ken Thompson puts it “When in doubt, use brute force”. Much like Chaos Theory, programming patterns have long evolved bringing order and sanity within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems.

Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit - An Agnostic Comparison

It's a technological struggle where everything is at your finger tips yet we seek convenience and accessibility in all walks of life. This reminds me of…

There are three roads to ruin; women, gambling and technicians. The most pleasant is with women, the quickest is with gambling, but the surest is with technicians.
~ Georges Pompidou

Multiple media size query - A better SCSS mixin

Multiple media size query is a SASS mixin library for querying multiple media sizes at once. Instead of writing multiple lines of code for each media size use mmsq to simplify your workflow.

If you want to target ipad and smartphone media at once you can write rules for both media sizes in one mixin.

User authentication with Community Auth in CodeIgniter 3 - A role based permission approach

Thou shall not pass. So, you've build a SaaS application in CodeIgniter and now direly in need of a rock solid user authentication and permission system for your web application.

George Carlin: Brain Droppings - National Press Club (Washington DC)

Comedy has never been a genre that moved me unless it was genuine, spontaneous and definitely not if it was soft comedy. When it comes to Black humor nobody can outperform George Carlin in his prime word-smith satire as he debunks the language of politics and euphemism at National Press Club conference held in Washington DC (1999).

Now folks, no politics or euphemism in what you're about to read. Unfortunately couldn't find any transcript of this conference, so, tailored one. Fast forwarding 10-15 minutes and George begins with his legendary rant:

Tweaks: Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery, Responsive development and LAMP

This blog post has tweaks, snippets or fixes not in their detail versions but aid in rapid prototyping during development. Focused around Drupal 7, Wordpress, jQuery, Zurb Foundation and LAMP.

Indian Banks = A fake movie and a fake hit

Financial crisis in 2008 shook influential trees all around the world and as the saying goes "Ponzi came in full circle". A hippie over-bloated euphoria of power, politics and hypocrisy that revoked money and power from competent people and landed with bunch of incompetent people. A summary by Michael Kreiger:

Webform PayPal integration in Drupal 7

If you have used Webform module in Drupal it would have occured at some point: what if it could be further extended to support payment checkout? Good news is you can since Drupal modules are closely tied to its API. Some interesting statistics on Drupal 7 API:


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