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Multiple media size query - A better SCSS mixin

Multiple media size query is a SASS mixin library for querying multiple media sizes at once. Instead of writing multiple lines of code for each media size use mmsq to simplify your workflow.

If you want to target ipad and smartphone media at once you can write rules for both media sizes in one mixin.

@include is-media((ipad, smartphone)) { #branding { display: block; text-align: center; max-width: 100%; } }

This will generate media query CSS for both ipad and smartphone. You can use the following media devices as parameters:

  • smartphone,
  • smartphone-portrait
  • smartphone-landscape
  • ipad
  • ipad-portrait
  • ipad-landscape
  • ipad-retina
  • ipad-retina-portrait
  • ipad-retina-landscape
  • ipad-mini
  • ipad-mini-portrait
  • ipad-mini-landscape
  • iphone4
  • iphone4-portrait
  • iphone4-landscape
  • iphone5
  • iphone5-portrait
  • iphone5-landscape
  • iphone6
  • iphone6-portrait
  • iphone6-landscape
  • desktop
  • gt-ipad-lt-desktop
  • desktop-large
  • desktop-xlarge

Just use @import "mmsq" in your SCSS file.

MMSQ is dependent on sass-mediaqueries library by Rafal Bromirski

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