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About Us

About Us

It did not begin with a bang, and it didn't begin as spinoff of a huge corporation or through venture capital funds, despite advancing without a comfy wealthy scaffold and adept knowledge; we on the other hand launched with a more homespun quality – “EFFORT”. It was with combined effort and passion to not just succeed, but to rise head and shoulders above a sea teeming with competition that drives us.

Though it began as early as 2005, it was in the year 2007 that we saw our silver lining. It's ever since we have grown from “team of two” to a workforce now globally recognized for its excellence in design, development and technical knowhow. From our humble beginnings, we have thrived and extended our expertise on web design & development, UX/UI design, content management system, e-commerce solution, customized web application and responsive web development. Our work as a team is created with individual user in mind, but operates perfectly under mass consumption.

After several years of providing software and web services to a wide variety of both international and indigenous clients, we have strengthened our knowledge base through live project experience’s gained from loyal clients and their diverse project requests. Whether it is building software, web design or web development, we have always kept client in perspective. From day one we have worked under the premise that if what we do as a company doesn't solve our client's problems, improve their sales or make them more efficient, then we have more work to do.

We have always believed that clients need to see us as “Great” and not just as good, a vendor or a service provider but as a teammate too. Invariably, in the world of web and software development you do get what you pay for, but once a client uses our services it is seldom they go elsewhere. That is by design and not happenstance. We pride ourselves on that fact.

Our Team

  • Anirudh K Mahant

    Anirudh K. Mahant

    Founder/Lead Developer

    Since 1995 pursued computing & software engineering. Worked on Unix, C, C++, Pascal, VBA and finally took full time interest in Web Development. Holds Diploma in Software Engineering.

  • Kartik K. Mahant

    UX/UI Designer

    Commencing with part-time Desktop Publishing in 2006 he went on to take full time Designing. Now passionately works on Web Designing and UX/UI designing at Raven Developers.

  • Keyur H. Joshi

    Jr. Developer

    Adaptively moved on to Web Development after pursuing a career in VB programming. Experienced with ERP, MSSQL, Point of Sale and desktop application development.

  • Ripal N. Bhatt

    Business Development / Web Hosting

    Experienced in computer hardware, networking and engineering while backed up with 6 years of sales and business development exposure. Holds a degree in Electronics.

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