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Ooyala for Wordpress Plugin

Why a plugin for Ooyala Videos? Somethings are just meant to be simple. On Googling "Ooyala for WP" you might get lucky and find "Ooyala Video Browser" plugin which works, but I haven't bothered trying it out. Screenshots gave goose bumps that it required an Ooyala account. This plugin makes embedding single/multiple Ooyala Videos easy with 3 simple steps:

  1. Install plugin and activate it from WP-Admin.
  2. Get Video Embed code.
  3. In your post click Ooyala for WP button paste the embed code.

You can configure height, width and center video from WP-Admin -> Settings -> Ooyala Video settings page. This plugin might still have bugs. It doesn't exist on Wordpress plugin site; turns out their SVN repository is NOT accepting my credentials...duh. This is the first release of this plugin and is licensed under GNU/GPL.

Plugin still needs to allow setting custom video sizes apart from default. You can download the tarball below and install using readme.txt. Run into trouble put your comments below, no guarantees I will respond...

Binary Data ooyala-for-wp.tar.gz171.63 KB

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